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Trance Forum  Forum  Party Promotions - 23.6.06 - Lapland Pro @ Givat Ha'More Area
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23.6.06 - Lapland Pro @ Givat Ha'More Area

IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jun 24, 2006 13:07
back not so long time ago...

i'll start with the good things.
1st of all the view was absolutely amazing and the place was fresh, the deco was really nice, most of the crowd was beautiful ppl..
also the music was nice,liked ace's set as always...great stuff

on the bad side...there were some faces that just acted really really pathetic... it really pissed me off when one of them came to ace ventura in the middle of the set & told him that this track sux and tried to tell him what to play..what a fucker.

despite this little shimon phenomenon it was a nice,little party...good work lapland team.
Invisible reality

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Posted : Jun 24, 2006 14:41
Well tzahi bother sorry couldn't make it i am gladd it went good           Invisible Reality (IONO music)
Inactive User

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Posted : Jun 24, 2006 18:27
we were there for a long time in the chai area, where we chill and rest..
- the loction was fantastic.. up in the view of the velly near givat hamore
- the deco was SUPERB, donno who did it but it was awsom..
especially the dj stend, the three-dimensional object..
- the music was preety good, we came in the middle of orly & golan (finomena i think)
that was high but good BPM for the nigth
after her Ace ventura gave a gr8 set, also higher then usually but very good
then INTELABEAM gave a good morning set, and tom (kleidoscope) bomed the danceploor

the real problem was some of the crowd (came not too meny about 150-160)
there were in the middle of the dancefloore some sirios ugly faces, thet the good crowd run away from..
but the good ppl some of then lest and some stay, a really beutiful swidish girl, origenally swidish...aahh..
shame to the good party ppl to c the ugly disterbing faces..

the production is good, deco and music was gr8, why does faces so disturbing
it could be a lot better without them...
happy 3 b-day lapland team

IsraTrance Senior Member

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Posted : Jun 25, 2006 12:29
hi party ppl:

i wanted to say just thanks to the lovlly ppl that help me in this 3rd year celebration to our lapland project:

to orli, noa and baro (the crazy urogway ) for your big help in the entrence.
to kabriha guys for your amazing deco work, just made our party gr8
to the sound guys alex & itzik, for this massive sound system that did a gr8 job
to our chai ppl, wonderful and testy chai and good food
and ofcours our gr8 artist: orly and golan the lovelly couple (finomena), mister yoni (ace ventura) grovvy set, like it a lot (see u at the boom ), to dani Intelabeam for woow set, break the dancefloor, and my best bro mister tom lewis (kaleidoscope) for the unbelivebole set.. and asi the undergrownd HUGA man for the gr8 fiinala

the one thing i was really sed about, is the bounch of ppl and was very ugly faces that i donno why they came, to the good party crowd that come it was a bit rolling the vibs, and i fill i own an apology
there were a beutiful girls there that dance and have fun, but the little amount of the scery guys just make me just drop all this things a way..

i think it will be my last one, i fill in my parties like "figthing in windmills" with all this problems.. this scene.. the hard time work for no respect.. the ugly faces vs the good ppl..
i had enogth of this.. too tierd for this shit..
i made my mind moving on with my life

so, all our good party ppl and friends, i had good parties with you, and i fill it was gr8 experience for me (3 years at lapland and 7 years genarlly in party producinig)

thank you evertybody


           Never give up on your love ..
nature raves forever!!!

always fly@lapland.airlines
when gazolin is so high, choose the natural way to fly.. LapLand's gooses ruells air..

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Posted : Jun 25, 2006 14:30
sorry to hear that,
but maybe it's the right choice, organizing sure takes lots of the fun away sometimes

good luck in your new way
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jun 25, 2006 14:40
im really sorry to agree with barak in this...
organizing sure takes lots of the fun away sometimes!
tzahi dude, im sure things will work out for you in any direction you choose...
you are a good guy and i know that you only want the best for the ppl!
it was my honor to play for you in allmost all of your parties (in the good & the bad ones)
stay in touch!
Tom Lewis
          db Productions

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Posted : Jun 25, 2006 17:38
its about time you realized that bad faced come even when not invited.... why didnt you use "selection"

any way...... sorry i didnt make it...

and dont stop your parties because of a couple of arsim man.... they probably heard the music all the way to afula...

keep the vibe going.. dont give up, i've seen you have fun in your parties

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Posted : Jun 25, 2006 18:56
i had a great time Dispite Of the few spiritual faces i got to meet in this party - It was a real funny Event !!!(amazinly) Great sound system ! Massive music .Great Deco and chai/bar treats .
also really Nice friendly ppl - even the darkest night lookalike faces .. were nice !!
Wanted to thank you Tzahi for a really nice night - reminded me old school parties .. Good vibes and really GOod Music !! So mate dont lose your hope -never give up !! HAppy birthday to lapland it has been a pleasure !!

Ace Ventura

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Posted : Jun 25, 2006 22:56
As all said in here,the crowd was quite problematic,to say the least....
Luckily for me ,i still carry some fullon tunes in my case,otherwise my life would be in great danger
These people should really be blocked at the entrance.I mean even when u play freakin' Astrix tunes for them, they still come and fuck these shitheads.

But if u looked past the terribly fucked up faces in there(what the hell were these people on ? ),u could see some very good people as well,who were just turned off by the bad ones and danced outside of the dancefloor.
And production-wise, the event was really good...great location with a beautiful view in the morning,exactly the right amount of good quality deco,really good chai+foodshop,good (but not great) sound and very well-maintained CDJ's

But all this becomes worthless when there is a prison break nearby ,and all the innmates come to party

So Tzahi dude,
i can see why u feel like a break (or retirement),but my advice to you, is to join some other orginization or get a partner,because u do know Something about throwing a party,at least production-wise(which is highly important)!

So cheer up and see ya @ portugal

IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jun 26, 2006 12:05
got there in morning time and i wasnt sure what i'm about to watch after the early phone calls i made to know if it's worth the drive, i decided to come anyway and when i got there i saw a very nice party setup with great deco/chai/bar/sound really good setup for the party.
as it was sais before, it's all worthless without the right crowd, i'm still wondering how this sort of people got information about this party, cuz i know lapland parties and i never saw such a bunch of bad vibe faces like those who were on the dancefloor, around the dancefllor i met great friends and other cool people who didnt want to come near this faces so they werent dancing.
i managed to play my set almost without those guys bugging me and i really enjoyed myself:)

to Tzahi,u made some great parties in the past , maybe quite is not the best thing for u, but a long break from producing is a very good idea for you mate, antil your crew will be bigger and stronger and you wont need to do everything on your own
all the best bro'
Asi.           Bottom Line Presents
The new minimal techno haifa line
saturday night. The 14/03/09
IsraTrance Senior Member

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Posted : Jun 27, 2006 14:29
thank you guys for all your support
but for now, i'll take a long break..
thinking.. seeing what going on..
fly to the boom festival

c u soon
tzahi            Never give up on your love ..
nature raves forever!!!

always fly@lapland.airlines
when gazolin is so high, choose the natural way to fly.. LapLand's gooses ruells air..

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Posted : Jun 27, 2006 17:13
good luck man! keep on digging!

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Posted : Jun 28, 2006 14:42
hi man i dont know you but i know "lapland's" party's and i heard alot of good thing aboout you'r party's good ppl good vibes beutifull partty's it's will be a shame for you to stop doing prodection keep on the good work <:           "another nature adventure" ? ! ? !
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jun 29, 2006 22:48
I Was there
gr8 party tzahi, it was a bit sux to see the ugly faces, but if you looked at them for a time, you just got a smile on your face becouse they where phatetic and funny in a bizzar way.....

anyway, great music, great deco, great location,
and the ppl that i taled to them at the chill zone or in the parking place where really cool ppl...

(but the way, there was one shimone who said in his house he can make a better party.. ha ha.)           _________________
Ha'Hazit Ha'Amamit La'Trance
Trance Forum  Forum  Party Promotions - 23.6.06 - Lapland Pro @ Givat Ha'More Area
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