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17.12 3rd empire

IsraTrance Team

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Posted : Dec 19, 2004 22:28
Thankyou everyone for your kind words.

The Third Empire can only say one thing.


We stood around midnight inside the tent and asked ourselves, why the hell should anyone, in the middle of the coldest weekend Israel has known in the last 20 years (Apparently the tempratures in the Negev desert droped to one degree below the zero), come to the middle of the freezing desert. our little winter adventure has turned into an Extreme survival winter adventure.
All of you that came, you helped us survive that one. We would like to show our full respect to all the people that got in their cars drove for over two hours (unless you live in Beer Sheva) and filled our party with happiness and joy.

we have to say that everything went just perfectly at the party itself allthough alot of dificulties on the way and the very very cold weather.

Apparently there were more then 550 people. it sure didn't look that full, and alot of the people came really early...

we would like to thank several people who really helped us along the way.

our volounteer helpers:
Yair and Renana

Nabil and the gang from Samar.
The Chai shop crew.
Niko, thanks for the firewood.
Abu Rachim, thanks for showing yourself.

See you next time.......
P.S. Gabi and the twins, we are very gratefull, you know why.          Kinetic Honda GmbH, Worldwide Supliers of Quality noise.
Progression Sessions of the 3rd Empire!

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Posted : Dec 19, 2004 23:53
Great party
FREq was brilliant
Waiting for the next the summer.
The cold was unbelievable
3rdEmpire - f@%king AMAZING
Chaka Laka
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Dec 20, 2004 11:53
Regarding 3rd Empire's concerns.. at 12:40 driving out of Haifa southbound I thought
that we must be very fucked up individuals, if we go out to a desert in a weather
that usually ppl don't let dogs out (we managed to pick up our dog though)
But got there pretty fast already parked at 3:45 , very easy driveway this time .The place was 2 huge square tents(around 20 m long), attached together, bonfires around them,(guess that was the meaning of "mehumam" apart of 200-300 ppl inside it that were supposed to heat it as well), inside was very nicely decorated, VJs on ceiling, bar , the place was really invested out! Actually it was clear already the party is going to be pagaz
The music as everybody mentioned was very good. Rijii sihek ota big time, he deserves all the credit for his great progressive warming set, the end was superb! Freq built his set from 3 main phases, got an applauds at the end of each one, was very professional but to me he could play one more to hit the G-spot as well Then was Guy Shanti who gave one hell of set , if it truly 100% his music (coz my friend sure he recognized some chromosome there) Ė then he creates a great music ! After him Huda G went out to dish the dancefloor , I really liked his first 2-3 hrs, after this it was already lots of noise in my head to remember anything, so if some one knows this funny trek with "heilalila , heilalaila" Ė plz gimmi the name
Crowd was really great this time, imho the best in recent years. The weather really made a selection here (of course some ppl's absence was remarkable ) so there were only beautiful gals&boys . All got dressed like they were going to Sibir and actually it turned like a wise move because the night was freezing to the bones and pretty strong wind gave a feeling of temperature even lower then it actually was. The whole place was in a wadi where winds were sufferable, good point to add to organizer's endless list of such.
So, after all looking back Ė we had a lot of fun and we happy that we didn't miss it
10x to Empire and everyone who were there !

          Dance is my Trance
IsraTrance Senior Member

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Posted : Dec 20, 2004 13:12

On 2004-12-20 11:53, Chaka Laka wrote:
so if some one knows this funny trek with "heilalila , heilalaila" Ė plz gimmi the name

its Feuerhake vs DJ Turn track "Ayamaya" Feuerhake RMX. a very secial tune indeed.
Huda now u should say thanx no ?:)           Believe your soul !
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Dec 20, 2004 13:17
what can i say???
this is what you call family gathering!
NO.1 PARTY this summer/winter
IsraTrance Full Member
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Posted : Dec 20, 2004 18:12

I must say I was terribly disappointed. Terribly.

Location: terrible. The place looked like a fucking circus tent. I felt like a rhino being shown in a circus. WTF, you promised us a nature party! I drove all that way for a fucking circus party? In the middle of the desert? Yuck!

Music: damn those DJs canít mix. I mean, really canít mix. I hope they didnít get paid cause they didnít deserve it. First was Asaf from Domo who played shitty music and couldnít mix if his life depended on it. Next was Ryjiy who was playing horrible sounds and looking all lost over the DJ stand, as if itís the first time he sees a mixer. FREq came up and was a little better, that is, he chose good music, too bad he couldnít mix at all. Worse than the DJs before him, really. I would have expected the 3rd Empire crew to check a demo CD or something to see if the guy can mix before bringing him over to Israel. When GuyShanti came up I lost all hope and so his lack of skills and bad taste in music were of no surprise. Could be the worst set ever by GuyShanti. Then we left.

Sound: My carís speakers play trance better than that crappy piece of sh#$@#$t they called a sound system. Boom festivalís sound system was better than that.

People: Neo-freaks, trancers-wannabes, pot-heads, kids, arsim. All the creeps and weirdoes came out on that cold night to ruin this party.

Sad truth reverse whatever I said here and read the opposite. Iím joking. It was a very good party, great DJing skills by all, esp. freq. Surprisingly, best set award imho goes to guyshanti (whoever thought Iíd ever say thatÖ)

Peeves: Too cold to play frisbee.

          Please REMOVE my cellphone number from any SMS spam list you may have. Thanks.

Started Topics :  1
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Posted : Dec 20, 2004 18:13
boom to you rafi & borrise and all ather that make thise one.
i relly enjoy from freeq ser it was exelent..
yhoda-g was the best form my opinion in all the ether respect yhoda you allwais soprris me ..
and shanti sorry yours set was how to call it...somtimes feeling to much shanti...

peace & love.
make love.
Nomolos(Zenon Rec.)
IsraTrance Junior Member

Started Topics :  48
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Posted : Dec 20, 2004 18:20
Cheers.           "....or is it???"

Started Topics :  1
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Posted : Dec 20, 2004 18:44
o. k. i will rty to add the words in my mains...
the ppl
the music (huda im still waiting for the last track...
anyway u'r set was... one of the best!!)
the vaib
allass was gut...
tnx for all of u being there..
tnx for the music!!!! asaf ryjiy freq shanti&huda-g..
tnx for the free ber rafi..
tnx to my m&f for bring me to this world...
i will stop here!!!
i hade a grait time!!!
c u all in the next party.. (bzz tic....)
bum bum the black dog

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Posted : Dec 20, 2004 18:53
Being a dog, i go where they take me. well, they dragged me to the land of no bones,again.I prepared for the big freeze.I have never written to this forum, but i had to say that 3rd empire event was super amazingly great. evrything--perfect. you have all thanked the organizers, as i do. But u all must remember that all you humans made this event so great, and i think u r all so wonderful. thank you for letting me run around all night with u, drink your water bottles all night, and when i bring u the bottle, it means to please open it for me because my paws cannot open.
c u all around some day soon , luv u all
IsraTrance Junior Member

Started Topics :  32
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Posted : Dec 20, 2004 20:32
LOL - "drink your water bottles all night". good one Bambam. is it the water or what is in the water? You addicted dog.
Bambam without U it would not be the same.
IsraTrance Junior Member

Started Topics :  17
Posts :  115
Posted : Dec 20, 2004 22:43
Imagine what a high quality crowd come to the Empire parties - even dogs can talk there!

I personally enjoyed every single minute in this party. Great production, great music, great ppl, great everything. Thanx a lot to all the Empire crew for making us happy again and again. Keep it going!!!

And special thanx for bringing my artist of the year (i mean Freq) to Israel for a 1st time. I really waited for this one...
bum bum the black dog

Started Topics :  0
Posts :  17
Posted : Dec 20, 2004 23:30
excuse me mse trance mama---the only addiction is to being around such a lovely crowd, and having harmless fun. now if that was the crowd i bumped into on a regular basis, that would be interesting.
for a change, no-one fed me balloons and other stuff, so i did not barf all the way home.
did u see my picture--i am the black dog with the 4 legs.

Chaka Laka
IsraTrance Junior Member

Started Topics :  13
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Posted : Dec 21, 2004 01:31
of course bumbum, but as cute and friendly u r looking still u managed to steal couple of sticks from my Spiky and did it in a very impressive way I must admit           Dance is my Trance

Started Topics :  112
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Posted : Dec 21, 2004 15:18
i think all has been said already about this great party.
I'd just like to add that I think we have invented a new extreme sport with this event.....

big respect to the Emperators - best party crew in Israel - and to the 500+ crazy ppl that came to freeze in the desert in mid winter.... dont u have anything better to do?

thank u all for your warm words about my set - it means a lot .

till next time (hope it will be warmer...)


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