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16.04.2005 # Vertikal Rec. Night # Absolut & Greed # Beckers # Dag # Klangstrahler

IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Mar 11, 2005 23:06
Vertikal Records Label Night feat. DJ DAG + Absolut & Greed

full qual. flyer:

Sa, 16. Apr. 2005 22:00h -
So, 17. Apr. 2005 16:00h

André Absolut ( Vertikal Records ) & Greed ( SOG Records )
Ryan Halifax ( Vertikal Records )

Oli ( Pottrocker B2B )
Oliver de Soto ( Space Ibiza )
Noah ( Butan Club )
Klangstrahler ( Music for Lovers )
Beckers ( Sprout Music )

André Absolut ( Vertikal Records )
Ryan Halifax ( Vertikal Records )
Tomtron ( Vertikal Records )
Frederik Flanger ( Vertikal Records // Pottrocker B2B )

Doktor Hand


Butan Club
Auf der Bleiche

Vertikal Records



Artist Infos

André Absolut ( Vertikal Records # Switzerland )
André released several original productions as André Absolut (solo) and co-productions together with Eric Blade (Absolut & Blade), Greed (Absolut & Greed), Minilogue aka Sonkite (André Absolut vs. Minilogue), Downpressor (André Absolut & Downpressor) and many others. Remixes has been requested by artists like Thomas Penton, Greed, Sub6, Piece Process, Shiloh, and Haldolium – to name a few.

André Absolut’s DJ sets rocked dancefloors in Switzerland, Austria, Spain, Belgium, Sweden, Portugal and Germany so far. Since 2003 ‘Absolut & Blade’ and ‘André Absolut’ solo performed severall liveacts which gained lots of attention and positive reactions in the scene.

Ryan Halifax ( Vertikal Records # Germany )
Ryan Halifax is without doubt one of the most exciting up and coming Dj's and producers.

His first track came out on Tasu and since this time he is surfing perfectly on this big wave called uk progressive.
Ryan has been playing on home territory for years. With the age of 17 began his Dj´ing career in 1990.
The up & coming acid-house-scene played a big role in his music tastes influencing him to go on and concentrate his skills to only electronic music.

From 1995-1997 he handled the import department UK and USA for an dance music distribution, before he changed to Superfly Records to run their backoffice labelactivities with 2 of them topping Top 10 in Germany and one in the U.K. (Nalin & Kane, Moguai, Phil Fuldner) .

Until the end of 1999 you could catch him for 2 years on a weekly 4 hour Friday night show called "Area Code" on Germany´s evosonic radio, witch has been transmitted all over Europe by Astra Satellite and witch was Germany´s only choice for non stop electronic music.

From the end of 1999-2001 he handles the distribution department of AG - a digital music distribution and mailorder shop.

On top of a growing Djing schedule Ryan has also been busy with productions and remixes.
His Djing has taken him all over Europe as well as to Thailand or Japan.
This month his 8th CD compilation was released on Millennium Records.
The mix demonstrates the versatility and vision of Ryan Halifax both as a Dj and a lover of dance music, venturing from the sexy, dirty funk of the UK deep house scene through to the tougher, darker scapes of the progressive underground.

Two new 12" singels are comig soon on german based label earregular records and on Hardy Heller´s On-A-Mission Records.
He has already had releases on labels such as Plastik Park (GER), Tatsu (GER), Spiral Trax(SW), Dance N´Dust (ISR),
ManiacIQ (JP), Millennium (UK) or Plusquam Records (GER).

"In a market situation which is rather grim than happy, we call this a success and are more than happy to present you the next volume. "Don't fix what's not broken" is our motto and again it is Tatsu recordings Flagship Ryan Halifax who compiled and mixed this baby!

Again, Ryan seems to pick the tunes which makes the people tick!"

Beckers ( Sprout Music # Germany )
Frank is one of the most sold acts of Hamburg based FreeForm Records and with his unique groovy up to hypnotic tech - house he is pleasing the audience since the early 90th.

He released on countless labels, has an enormous presence on Compilations and is working in all genres, caused of his incredible musical spectrum and background. The graduated music teacher was already present on parties around the globe and he is playing all big european Festivals of the last years. In developing his music he came closer to Leif Hatfield, who is working as a technical mutli media assistant and has also a really talented musician and already perfect DJ.

Frank Beckers is a musician since his childhood days and with his first single man Projekt Space Safari
he is since 1998 releasing on Free Form.

Before he started working at his own career he was playing already in several Rock and Funkbands and influenced their sound with his bass and e-piano. Further he was over 4 years a member in the big band of the international Adolf Grimme Auditorium and played for years as a bar pianist. Well known his great live acts but also spinning just his own records.

IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Mar 12, 2005 19:27
I didnt know DJ DAG was still around, thats cool, i thought he went to live with the indians on a reservation?           Check out my album:

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Posted : Mar 13, 2005 19:30
how i wish b there!!

this party 4 sure will be a success

enjoY this yo german ppl! hehe

Girls can b cruel ..........
IsraTrance Senior Member

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Posted : Mar 14, 2005 01:48
this gonna be massive !           Believe your soul !
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Mar 18, 2005 14:10
hey aje, indeed Dag wasn´t seen on any dancefloor for long but now he´s back and you can expect a massive Set ...

and greetings to you Zombi, i know you would love to join, time to set up the "Beamer" ...

rock on ...

final flyer :
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Apr 7, 2005 19:55
i´ll keep you updated on the timetable pretty soon and wanted to announce that we´ll have a Chill&Food area with free fresh fruits and small snacks ...

hope to see some of you around
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Apr 14, 2005 22:01
Timetabel Vertikal Labelnight

22.00-02.00 - Noah

02.00-05.00 - Klangstrahler

05.00-06.30 - Ryan Halifax - Live

06.30-09.30 - Frederik & Oli Mos

09.30-11.00 - Absolut & Greed - Live

11.00-14.00 - Beckers


00.00-03.00 - Oliver De Soto

03.00-06.00 - Andre Absolut

06.00-09.00 - Dj Dag

09.00-12.00 - Ryan Halifax

12.00-03.00 - Tomtron


22.00-03.00 - Bahana

03.00-08.00 - Jörgermeister

08.00-12.00 - Doktor Hand

Avi Nini

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Posted : Apr 15, 2005 16:09
for sure it will be crazy one...have fun....
good luck

and regards to tom see you soon!!
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Apr 15, 2005 18:07
yo senior Avi !
thx will forward your regards.

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