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Trance Forum  Forum  Balkans - 12-12-2009 >> (b)...raindrops @ K4 - Slovenia
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12-12-2009 >> (b)...raindrops @ K4 - Slovenia


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Posted : Nov 26, 2009 12:20:57
Labs Of Perception & Dancing Dragon



-saturday - 12th of DECEMBER 2009

-location: Milky Way, Solar System, Earth, Europe, Slovenia, Ljubljana, Klub K4


**main psy & goa floor**


Aodioiboa [ Clocktail Records ] / GER one of the projects from andreas o., based in leipzig/germany...
besides of his work in the widely known decoproject cosmicwalkers,
he also started in 2005 to produce music in various styles, but focussing
mainly on psychedelic trance, ambient, and experimental electronica...
in the past years he constantly improved his musical and technical knowledge,
and over the time he developed an own unique style of true psychedelic night music...
this style is mainly noticeable by the mixture of various elements from different styles,
its not dark, nor is it fluffy, its not full on and not groovy,
its a bit from everything in one ...
combined with energetic rolling basslines and pseudoacoustic effects, not heard before, his
livesets deliver a unforgettable listening experience for your minds and bodies...
after releases on various compilations, his long awaited debut abum will hit the dancefloors of our galaxy in march 2010...

Archaic [ Wild Things Rec. ] / GR

Based at the foot of the mountains outside of Thesaloniki, Kostas (aka Dj lory) has his studio. For many years he has been producing music, parties and Dj-ing to the people of northern Greece many of whom know him to have been one of the earlier people in their scene to realise the power of the music and party to bring about positive social energy.


DJane Anjela [ bluegalacticeagle ] / BG

from bulgaria we invited anjela, an upcoming new dj-talent, to complete the
line up of this psychedelic experience... first time in slovenia, she will guide our
ears through the forests of our imagination with one of her mindblowing dj-sets...
besides exploring the world of music, she also is creating decoration and visual art and will
help to transform k4 into a galaxy of its own...

DJ Naveen [ ] / SLO

...a pioneer Slovene goa-psy trance DJ started his career back in 98' ,when he was 17 playing a fusion of goa-breaks & electro.
In 99' he met Bojan Vukic later known as DJ Zvuk & Tim Pleterski aka DJ Tyma Psykopter. Forming a tight friendship with a shared passion for music, and with an extensive collection
of records between them, they started organizing both indoor and outdoor psy-goa-trance parties under the name, Individia. Their homebase was club Ch.Zero @ squat city Metelkova.
A few years down the line, they split into the darker sounds of Audiodevlish (resident at Klub K4) and the lighter Dancing Dragon (club Gala Hala@ Metelkova)
Due to Naveen's wide spectre of music, he was involved with playing in both scenes. He also managed the Audiodevlish who are till this day, still throwing what is considered
to be the strongest ongoing psy-goa and progressive trance events in Slovenia.
In 2006 he became a DJ for two record labels, the San Francisco based Vaporvent rec. ( and Athens based Night Oracle rec. (
He has played at parties and festivals all over the Europe except Scandinavia, India and throughout Japan with diverse sets, if categorized, fall mainly under "night-time psychedelic",
"goatrance" and "subtle psychedelic techno" music.

**2nd floor**

CASIOp [ Sindikat ]

[f9k] vs Ivanhoe [ Driskoteka ]

Tyma [ Dancing Dragon ]



cosmicwalkers are a group of deco-artists, based in leipzig, germany..
in the past years they created the visual arts for lots of parties all over europe and abroad... their works could be seen for instance at festivals like boom 02-08, fullmoon 02-04, fusion 05/06, ozora 05-09, vuuv 07, freedom 09 and many many more...
the team has various skills and is constantly experimenting with new materials, designs and workflows, so they are not only focused on one style of decoration... cosmicwalkers create solid backdrops, transparent backdrops, 3-d objects and sculptures from various materials, neo-chaotic-stringart, unusual projections, just to mention some of their skills...

ANJELA [ bluegalacticeagle ] / BG


DeKaos []


6euro before 00:00
8euro students
9euro normal
Alecu Babaleku
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Posted : Nov 26, 2009 18:30
          carpe diem
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Posted : Nov 26, 2009 21:15
rock onnn!!!            - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
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Posted : Nov 27, 2009 00:21

some sunshine to both of you...


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Posted : Nov 29, 2009 21:58

Have a good one... boom           ~~Co-Creator of A Ritual~~
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