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Trance Forum » » Forum  Balkans - [12.11.2011] PsyLand 2nd Edition - Sibiu, Romania
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[12.11.2011] PsyLand 2nd Edition - Sibiu, Romania


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Posted : Nov 1, 2011 09:34:30
Are you ready for another trip down the rabbit hole? Your guides will be:

DJ Latam [Thrancians / Spacesheep] (Bucharest)
Lygos [The-Hermanstadt-Crew T-H-C] (Sibiu)
Planet Dust [The-Hermanstadt-Crew T-H-C] (Sibiu)
El Esdi Syl (Sibiu)

The entrance to the rabbit hole: Unit Club Sibiu

Your support for the trip: 8 lei / 2 euro

More details and updates:

DJ Latam
DJ Latam started to play music at parties in 2004. Back then he was almost entirely dedicated to psytrance (he is an old Goa listener) and partially to progressive (either psy, trance or house). Later, after reaching a satisfactory level in these styles, he started to experiment and gradually go deeper into other sub-genres of electronic music, particularly techno, electro and house, in different forms. Therefore, as a DJ, he can approach and adapt at this moment to various musical styles.

The profile of the party, audience, location, line-up and hour are factors that significantly influence the performance of a DJ. Latam tries to take into consideration all these aspects; however, regardless of the circumstances, his sets have groove and deepness, are hypnotic and cutting edge, provocative but elegant and always with a touch of psychedelic. Listen to his mixes - he likes to experiment a lot. He appreciates DJs and producers who innovate and have the courage to experiment, who change themselves and influence the others.

Besides DJ-ing, he is involved in organizing and promoting events and artists either through his personal projects Thrancians and Oscillator, or through the Spacesheep association, being also a co-organizer of the ReBirth Festival. Since the 20th of December 2008, he is hosting his own weekly show called Oscillator on Radio Deea, where he presents a personal mix and a guest DJ mix (the show is currently on a pause).

Important gigs:

- international: Sziget Festival (Hungary), Sonica Dance Festival (Montenegro), Extra Terrestrial Indoor Festival (London), Festival (Serbia), EarthDance Festival (Sofia), Club XLagoom, Basta Sava Center (Belgrade), EuphoriaMania (Ukraine), Vola Open Air (Bulgaria), Zezelj Open Air (Kragujevac, Serbia), Wind Of A Sun (Crimea);

- national: ReBirth series, Iarmaroc, Delahoya, Transylvania Calling, FanFest, Forest Vibes, Teknival, Synthplants Ekzit and many open air events throught the country;

- clubs in Romania: Studio Martin, WEB, Fabrica, Suburbia, Control, Green Hours, CoolCat, Stamba, Frame, Baraka, Propaganda, Fat Cat, Traian 42, Atelier Mecanic, Silver, Spider, etc (all Bucharest), Chill Out, Mondostar (Sibiu), The King (Cluj-Napoca), Domino, HangOut (Constanta), Brain, Palace Cafe (Iasi), Orange (Mamaia), Escape (Rm Valcea), etc.

Find out more about DJ Latam:

Lygos is the solo DJ project of Sebastian Negomireanu, a Romanian electronic music artist.
After listening to electronic music for several years, Lygos started organizing weekly underground raves in 1997. Influenced by the German electronic music scene (Mayday, Love Parade), Lygos has hosted over 100 parties covering a mixture of techno, electro, trance and hardcore.
In 1998 he has the first contact with goa and psy trance, listening to music from Astral Projection, MFG, Etnica, Hallucinogen and similar artists. This was such a big influence that around 1999 he switched completely his DJ sets to this new (and unknown in Romania) style.
During the following years, Lygos has been a guest and a host to numerous indoor and outdoor parties and festivals, and has told wonderful stories through his music. Going through all the different styles, during the last years, Lygos has finally settled on a borderline night-time music style that takes you from the deep emotional south american fullon to twisted hallucinant twilight touched by dark sounds from the forest .
Lygos has been a constant presence at the Transylvania Calling festival and has played also at other national and international events (Iarmaroc Festival, Rebirth Water Festival, Funny Moon Festival, Fan Fest Romania, Athmosphere Slovakia, Child of Flowers Slovakia and others) and was also hosted on radio shows like Alpha’s Crazy Sounds and CBU Radio.

Find out more about Lygos:
Website: []

Planet Dust
Dj PlanetDust (Ionut Varvaruc) was born in 1985 in Sibiu, Transylvania. Listening to electronic music for a very long time, in 2008 he tried for the first time to mix dnb and dubstep in different clubs in Sibiu. In 2009 he had the opportunity to work at the biggest psy festival in Romania, Transylvania Calling, with other well known Dj-s as Alpha, Lygos, Stiks, Iguana, Whicked Hayo. Since then he started mixing other musical genders, like Psy, Trance, FullOn and Progressive Trance. That time forward he also started organizing events like Trance Hall CBU, Another Kind Of Music. During these last two years, Dj PlanetDust has mixed at various events and parties from which the most important ones are: Oct. 2009 - Bohemian Flow - Sibiu, Romania Nov. 2009 - Propaganda - Sibiu, Romania Feb. 2010 - Birthodelic - Sibiu, Romania May 2010 - Van Graph K Fe (Another Kind Of Music) - Timisoara, Romania

El Esdi Syl
Is part of the younger generation of dj's. He started mixing techno 2 years ago. He later started mixing other genres of electronic music , but when he discovered dark psy he was mesmerized by the speed of the beats and was hooked on the darkness of the sounds in that music. After a psy party that ended with him playing dark psy, he realised that dark beats don't really make people go into a nice and happy he started listening to psychedelic trance, FullOn and forest and thus began the incursion through the world of psytrance, a journey that that is shared with the people that come and listen to his sets.
Trance Forum » » Forum  Balkans - [12.11.2011] PsyLand 2nd Edition - Sibiu, Romania
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