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Trance Forum » » Forum  Scandinavia - 11-->13.7.08 Konemetsä, Forest Festival, Southern Finland
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11-->13.7.08 Konemetsä, Forest Festival, Southern Finland


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Posted : May 2, 2008 07:28:09
Astrix LIVE Israel
System 7 LIVE UK
Michele Adamson LIVE Ibiza / UK
XP Voodoo DJ Russia
Jonas DJ Sweden
Riktam (GMS) DJ Ibiza
Paul Taylor DJ Goa / UK
Boris Divider LIVE Spain
Orgue Electronique LIVE Netherlands
Scanone LIVE UK
Loktibrada DJ Slovakia
Mirror System DJ UK
Sienis LIVE Sweden
Far Too Loud LIVE UK
Tryambaka LIVE Portugal
Filteria LIVE Sweden

Proteus DJ Säde
Accu LIVE Exogenic Breaks
Mr. A DJ Danceteria
Troll Scientists LIVE Space Boogie Records
Genki DJ Renegade
Texas Faggott LIVE Exogenic Records
Kiwa LIVE Exogenic Records
Miazu & Polly B2B DJ People of the Butterfly
Femi DJ
Headphonics LIVE Exogenic Breaks
Wiljam DJ Basso Radio
Docius DJ
Haltya LIVE Exogenic Records
Lokal DJ
Joha DJ
Jean-Peter DJ Konemetsä
Vuori DJ
Soma DJ
Indigo DJ Sininen
Borzin DJ
Hidria Spacefolk LIVE Next Big Thing
Leijona & Inkeri Tähti DJ
Orion DJ Misc. Management
Mekaanikko DJ
Mr Velcro Fastener LIVE Stars-Music
Blastromen LIVE X0X Records
Leftover LIVE Statik Entertainment
DCOM DJ X-Rust / Niitty
Bob Ryynänen DJ Rikos Records
Burdock & Kitkakone B2B DJ Butane / X-Rust
Kalle Karvanen DJ RBMA / X0X Records
CRC & Forehard B2B DJ X-Rust
Samino, Barfunkel & Maria Soini B3B DJ Houseforest / X-Rust
Joona Puu DJ X-Rust
Naks DJ Club Sievä
Needless DJ X-Rust
Elmo DJ TKUdubstep

All info from

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Posted : May 15, 2008 18:37
yeaaaaah its time to gathering and make all dreams true ))
I wish many people can come in other places too and feel this unigue weekend ))

All best )) Kiss and huggieeeeess and butterflies and fairies yours life <3
wink wink

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Posted : Jun 12, 2008 18:15
woohooo system 7!!!!
Wizack Twizack
Wizack Twizack

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Posted : Jun 14, 2008 03:25
all the best to jonas and jannis filteria =)
also to my friends mia and polly! nice event!!

bOm..           For Contact & Bookings:
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IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Jun 29, 2008 16:24

Not Long To go... just a few bits to keep you informed!


Music will be performed on four stages.
The Main Stage is a classic. We will have a state of the art sound system that comes with a spectacular light show.
Desert stage will host the coolest of Hard Trance, Nu-NRG, Breaks and Psy-Trance.
The Chill-Out Stage will entertain you in a more mellow side of Konemetsä.
This year will see the progress of Stage X-Rust and MTK combined into one stage where Stage X-Rust use to be.


We highly recommend that people should use public transport when coming to Konemetsä because we do NOT have a free parking area anymore. This is an inconvenience to all of us but this year we’ll have to live with it. The farmer who owns the land has decided to grow crop where our free parking area used to be. All vehicles will therefore be parked on the field close to the venue. Our security people will keep on eye on the parking area but it is still not advisable to leave your valuables in the vehicles.

Price: Car 20€. Mobile homes or caravans: 30€ (Incl. electricity 1 pc 230V/16A).

Age Limit: 18

The venue holds also camping area, restaurants, bars, sauna and pool.

Pre-sale outlets 2008

Both physical outlet & web sale



Late Bird: 43€ (1st May - 11th July) +booking fee
Gate Price 50€

Maximum 3500 tickets sold.
Total Artist Management
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IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jul 4, 2008 00:34
Im willing to sell body parts to get there ... lunges, anyone?
Rattamahata with fluoro-stick

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Posted : Jul 6, 2008 18:12
Maybe extra dick.            C20H25N3O
Quantum Leap
Quantum Leap

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Posted : Jul 17, 2008 02:03
Enjoy the midnight sun, Konemetsä rulez. 

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Posted : Jul 18, 2008 19:54
a lot of pics right now right here.

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Posted : Aug 7, 2008 17:56
Omfg. you did it again.... i really doubt that anyone can beat this project when it comes to making a legal forest (trance) festival. Eventho most of the music isnt really my cup of tea, these pictures amaze me... i hope to go one day 
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Aug 10, 2008 05:13
Nice pics finland rocks 
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