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Free Frequency
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Nov 7, 2010 19:14:10
Free frequency is an event management which established progressive trance music...Through all these years...exploring and booking the most fresh music projects this effort proudly presents an event full of exciting new tunes!! Get ready for an amazing trip to music we love!!

Line Up>>

Ectima-Live act-Tesseract studio
Zyce& Flegma- Live act-Tesseract studio
Vertex-Live act-Tesseract studio
Doc- Dj set-Harmonia Rec
Zoi- dj set-Tesseract studio/Free Frequency

ECTIMA is a progressive tech trance project created by Dalibor Delic (aka Flegma) and Nikola Kozic (aka Zyce), project created by headleaders of TesseracTstudio.
This unique style can be described as constant sound-shifting, dynamic breaks and changes of rhythmic patterns.

The dynamic duo started their collaboration in the year 2004... Soon after first album "NO WAY OUT" was released for Geomagnetic TV from USA, Today Ectima releas music for main label in progressive trance scene and new album "Ground Defense" will be released as a debut CD on TesseracTstudio records..

ZYCE is a solo progressive trance project created by Nikola Kozic from Nova Pazova - Serbia, born in 1986.
His first experience in producing music goes back in 1999, when he spent some time playing guitar in metal, rock and reggae bands. . After years of performing on guitar, Nikola found himself in electronic music and Zyce project was born.
His debut album "Hyper Cube" was released on Synergetic records from Wiena in 2008, soon after his music was released for the most main label on progressive trance scene like Spin Twist, Mikrokosmos, IONO music, Blue Tunes, Oxygen ,Planet BEN, Plusquam.....
Second album "Transgressive" will be released for Spin Twist in march 2010.

So far Zyce have made numerous collaborations with big artists name, such as: Galactika/NOK, Martin/Humen Element, Phaxe, Flegma & Nerso, Egorythmia, Talpa...Along Zyce project, Nikola is also part of several side projects like "Ectima" (colaboration with Flegma), Vertex (colaboration with DJ Merlin),and BeatSklop (colaboration with Talpa). Since 2006, Nikola and Dalibor have established artists organizacion "TesseracTstudio" which became one of the main label in 2009. Gettering one of the finest act of today progressive trance scene.

Flegma is the progressive trance project created by Dalibor Delic from Belgrade, Serbia. Dalibor was producing all kinds of beats, writing melodies and arranging songs, using gadgets and synths that was availible. He began to learn about music at early age, influenced by his older brother who play bass and guitar. A mixture of bass lines, percussive sequences, soft pads and melodic synth leads characterize Flegma tunes. In short time, Dalibor played at numerous parties and festivals in Brazil, Russia, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Greece, Croatia...
Aside from TesseracTstudio Dalibor releasing tracks for Iono Music, Spin Twist, Blue Tunes, Millenium, Oxygen, Leguan,Prog On Syndicate, Plusquam records...Flegma's debut album "Opposite" in collaboration with Dragan (aka Nerso) was released on Iono Music in october 2009. Flegma made remixes from artists like Zen Mechanics, Jaia, Liquid Soul, NOK, Earsugar, Suntree, Midimal, Ritmo, Vaishiyas, Mute, Klopfgeister...

Dalibor is involved in a few side projects such as Ectima (colaboration with Nikola aka Zyce) and Tesseract (with Slobodan Gacesa, Nikola Kozic and Goran Grubic).

Since 2006, Dalibor and Nikola have established artists organization "TesseracTstudio" which became one of the main label in 2009, gettering one of the finest act of today's progressive trance scene.

VERTEX is a colaboration project by Nikola Kozic (aka Zyce) and Slobodan Gacesa (aka DJ Merlin). The dynamic duo started their collaboration in the year 2008. With Solobodans knowledge of playing piano and music theory and Nikolas knowledge of producing music. This project represent beautiful connection of progressive house/trance and ambient chill out sounds. So far this project had released for labels such as: Blue Tunes, Nukktal Digital, Spin Twist..First album "OCEAN" of this colaboration project will be released as a debut digital releas on TesseracTstudio records. Album will represent connection of natural oceans sounds and mix of progressive music, all tracks on album are are smoothly mixed and followed by wide range of ocean sounds with aim to take listener into rich experience of ocean journey.

Dj Doc

Born in Athens Greece, 1/08/1966 He has started to sing in Punk rock bands at the age of 16. After his music interests mooved from punk to heavy and thrash metal ,where at the beggining of the 90s he started to mix metal and indie rock at small clubs and bars in Thessaloniki. At the same time he made his first contact with the first underground rave parties and got infected by the psychedelic sounds of trance . After 1996 he starts to mix psy trance at illegal parties in warehouses At the summer of 1997 ,he has been playing every summer as a resident dj at the open air club "Mojo" at the island of Ios along with international guest djs like:Atmos ,James monro ,Anti, Synchro ,Mark Allen etc. During the winter time (1998 - 2006) he was travelling around the world and has played from small jungle and beach parties in Goa ,Thailand, mexico and Byron bay Australia to big open air parties and festivals in : Japan(Bomodori 2001) , Germany(Ov -silence 2004-2006, Voov expierience 2006 , Hungary( Porn dance &stars 2005), Australia (seismic chunk 2002), Switzerland,Holland,Belgium Portugal, Cyprus, and F.y.r.o.m. He is also the only greek dj who ve played to all Samothraki festivals(2001-02-03-05)and to all the rest big greek festivals (Butterfly, Magical forest, Cyberlight, Twillight zone). At the beginning of 2002 he became an official dj of Candyflip records and has been promoting the label with his djsets in Greece and around the world. These days he is playing a variety of groovy psytrance and psy progressive soundz filled with electro elements.For 2007 he has been booked for" Queensday street festival" in Amsterdam,"No mans land festival" in Hungary,"Antaris festival" in Germany and at "Butterfly festival" at north Greece in August.For 2008 more bookings for Queensday in Amsterdam, Tshitraka festival in Germany,Ozora festival in Hungary and Aurora festival in Greece. contact:

Djane Zoi

Djane Zoi grew up and lives in Thessaloniki-GR. Over some years ago she had an undeniable love for music. She took that passion and began to collect electronica music!! During her studies in Business administration & International Marketing she was involved in many events-festivals around Greece as promotional manager-stage manager-bookings etc…Her work and dedication led her to promote her own events. Free Frequency was founded in Nov. 2004 with strictly progressive trance style. Free Frequency events had and continue to have great success hosting various artists from prog. trance scene. Having perfected the art of rocking parties, Zoi used to mix for fun...but 2 years now she got more in to it and found a way to express all the energy she has inside. She counts several gigs beside famous artists of our scene. Her sets are a variety of soft vs hard progressive trance tunes that get more aggressive after hours...Her motto is plug-in prOgress...plug-in life!! In 2010 she become part of Tesseract Studio!!!

Location:: Club Mylos
Open doors>> 1:30
Admission:: 15 euros!! special Price!!
++sUbERB soUnd SyStEM!!!

Be there have fun!!

and remember::
Say no to drugs-the feeling is trance-the movement is dance!!
          Djane Zoi
Free Frequency
IsraTrance Junior Member

Started Topics :  47
Posts :  335
Posted : Dec 6, 2010 20:54

Deco by BOTN......BE THERE HAVE FUN!!           Djane Zoi
Free Frequency
IsraTrance Junior Member

Started Topics :  47
Posts :  335
Posted : Dec 11, 2010 12:25
Time Table for tonight>>

1:30...Warm up Dj set By Doc

2:00-3:00 VERTEX-LIVE ACT-

3:00-4:30 Doc-Dj set-

4:30-5:30 ECTIMA-LIVE ACT-

5:30-6:30 Zoi-Dj set-


7:30-8:30 Zoi -Dj set-

Be there!! have fun ...N-joy music!!!! Bring ur possitive vibes and dance with us!!!           Djane Zoi
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