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Trance Forum  Forum  Iberia - 09 April 2011 :: Starlight Music Presents Trance Sessions #1
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09 April 2011 :: Starlight Music Presents Trance Sessions #1

Starlight Records
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Posted : Apr 8, 2011 02:43:43


DIGITAL E-MOTION (Starlight Music)

Digital E-Motion was formed in 2005 by Joao Salada e Hugo Viana both from Leiria Portugal. They started to make some Full On, Hi Tech sounds and fast they were able to play in the biggest parties and festivals from portugal like Freedom Festival, Green Trippin (Azores Islands), Psybertech, and much much more. In this parties Digital E-Motion had the pleasure to share the decks with the best artists of the Trance and Progressive scene like: Gms, Kromeangels, Astrix, Wrecked Machines, LMS, Shanti, Vibe Tribe, Alt Ctrl, Freaked Freq, Freedom Fighters, Bizzare Contact, Sesto Sento, Ultravoice, Atomic Pulse, D-Nox, Beckers, Ace Ventura and much more. In 2008 they joined Crystal Matrix Records....... Saladelic Aka DeepSaw: Joao interest by music starts very soon , at age 13 he started to study music for few years.. He could learn a bit of music and som instruments like accoustic guitar, piano, trumpet and some drums. At 2003 he started using some sequencers like fruity loops, reason and cubase. More recently, he starts make sounds from the most variated electronic music styles but his favourite music always was PsyTrance. So he created the project Digital E-Motion and worked in some Tracks. In 2005 Tydus joined him to form what's Digital E-motion today....... Hugo Viana aka Tydus: At early ages Hugo's interest for music. First with rock, punk and some metal, at age of 14 he was drummer of a garage band.. 2 years later in 1999 he discovered the trance scene and starts to enjoy more the electronic music. Some time later he bought a mixer and cdj's and started mixing in small parties just for friends, and collaborating in organizations of some parties too. In 2004 the name Tydus apears for the first time djing in bigger stages around portugal playing in same parties of the the biggest names in the trance scene. In 2004 he gave the first steps in some sequencers programs like: Cubase, Fruity Loops, and recently in Ableton Live with Saladelic. One year later he joined Saladelic to formed what's Digital E-motion today.

DJ Set:

JUGGLER (Crystal Matrix / Boa Group)

Pedro Gaspar was born in 1981 in Portugal and began his musical career at the age of sixteen, after two years of house parties, when he started to mix house music. That phase had a short duration and after 1 year he went to his first psychedelic trance party, where he discovered a completely new and fantastic world. So, he change is musical style and started to play all the weekends in parties around Portugal, starting too to represent Portugal on - he has worked too to other organizations, namely Psytropic Records, Phoenix and Utopia Records, until he was invited to be part of Crystal Matrix (; by now, he was added to the rooster of Boa Group (, where he works like a label dj.In 2008, he started to produce some tracks with Xenzodiak and from that experiences appeared the live project Tech Twist ( He was nominated too for 3 consecutive years has the best Portuguese Psy-Trance Dj in the well known forum Elastik Tribe ( At this time, has played at major parties and festivals in Europe, like Freedom Festival in Portugal, Full Moon Festival in Germany, Life Festival on Ireland, Green Trippin Camp Festival in Azores Islands, Heron Festival in Belgium, HannaHanna Festival in Slovakia, Misticky Les Festival in Czech Republic, Aztlan Eqquinocio Festival in Spain, Gathering of the Tribes Festival in Germany, Space Pirates Revolution Festival in France and Fullmoon Beach Festival on Netherlands, to name just a few...he has played too several times in parties in Spain, Germany, Norway, Switzerland, Belgium, Sweden, Russia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Netherlands, France, UK, Ireland and of course in Portugal, his country To name some names well known in trance scene that he played with, Vibe Tribe, Bizarre Contact, GMS, Ultravoice, Tech Twist, Gataka, Astrix, Talamasca, Azax Syndrom, Aquatica, System Nipel, Sesto Sento, among many others.

Piranha (Karkeija Krew/Starlight Music)

Dj Piranha is 21 years old Diogo Sousa from the city of Leiria,in Portugal.Got contact with electronic music at very young age and was caught specially by the psychedelic vibe,wich took him to start exploring his skils as a dj by the year of 2005 . Little passed until he began playing, participating in several events in his country,and after a few time joined Cortex Productions(Pt) . Nowadays he is collaborating with Karkeija Krew(Pt) too . His performance is marked by an amazing selection of Full On and a great mixing technic , seeking for perfection and presenting allways fresh new music , from the most uplifiting hightech sounds to the best melodies , sometimes flowing into a more progressive style . Until now Piranha already share the decks with names like Hilight Tribe, Parasense, Gms, Krome Angels, Shanti , Dino Psaras , Deedrah, Xp Voodoo , Paul Taylor, Shift, Penta , Space Buddha , Chromosome , Bliss , Painkiller , Andromeda , Blisargon Demogorgon, Rastaliens , Freedom Fighters , Tickets , Brethen , Para Halu, Menog, Neuromotor, Ocelot , John Phantasm to name a few. ........

Bongsi (Starlight Music)

Bongsi entered the electronic music scene in 1996 and has grown from small to big stage performances. He became internationally known as Bongs in Ibiza Mp Records, and within short time showed his style in Brazil (Playground, Positive, Lottus Sunside Music Festival, Planet Ben Label Party, Starlight Records Label Party Trend's), England (Event Horizon), Amsterdam (Musicon Club), France (Gibus Club & Electronic Music Festival) and Spain (Omni Festival), among others.

In 2005, Bongsi decided to devote himself to Starlight Records. Since then, the brand has increasingly grown in the international arena, with special interest in expanding across Brazil. Also, he has had the chance to play in big events in Brazil, as the Playground and the most recent ones. Starlight Records will surely be an outstanding name in the future. In late 2008, he started experimenting with another genre within electronic music, Tech House, and since then began to use the name Ruodrik so as to differentiate the styles he covers.

Bongs / Ruodrik is currently a regular performer in Portugal Boites as well as night clubs.

And what's more: he has shared stage with great names such as Astrix, Alien Project, Atomic Pulse, Alternative Control, Bamboo Forest, Bizzare Contact, Cyrus The Virus, C.P.U, Deedrah, Domestic, Dynamo, Delirious, Hyper Frequencies, Hux Flux, Inner Action, Infected Mushroom, Neuromotor, Orion, Pixel, Sesto Sento, Star-x, Silicon Sound, Sub6, Shanti, Spectrum, Sirius Isness, Shift, Talamasca, Triptych, Tikal, Total Eclipse, Ultravoice, Vibe Tribe, Wrecked Machines, Xerox and Illumination, X-Noize, as well as djs like Dimitri Nakov, Raja Ram and Fabio Fusco to name a few.

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Trance Forum  Forum  Iberia - 09 April 2011 :: Starlight Music Presents Trance Sessions #1
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