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Trance Forum  Forum  North America - 01/14/06 Shiva Shakti presents: Transmogrification
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01/14/06 Shiva Shakti presents: Transmogrification

IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Dec 21, 2005 18:49
Full Moon Feading Frenzy
Varcolac's Lair:

~Mubali(Trishula Records/ Mistress of Evil Records)
San Francisco, CA~
After much success releasing singles for compilations on labels such as Trishula, Mistress of Evil, and Manic Dragon to name a few, Mubali is set to journey across to Europe where he will put the finishing touches on his first full length album "Cats @ Play", which will be released on Trishula sometime next year. Come see what he has in store for dancefloors everywhere...

~Eckoe(Texaliens/ Shiva Shakti)~

~Vampyromorpha(Shiva Shakti)~

~Sylph(Shiva Shakti)~

~Force Majeure(TOUCH Samadhi)~

~Saggittarrius(Alien Meeting)~

~Spectraphonic(Shiva Shakti)~

*Location: 1300 E. 4th Street Warehouse Austin, Texas*

*Full UV Deco Installations and Altar.*

*Concessions will be available with free fruit and chai in the morning.*

*Admission: $10*

*Starting Time: 10:00pm*

*Age Limit: 18+*


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Posted : Dec 22, 2005 22:51
This is gonna be a blast. I always have so much fun when I visit you guys in Austin. This time I'll be able to stay a bit and see the sights. I have a lot of new music to play for you guys since I was out last, and I'm definitely looking forward to playing on my birthday weekend...           An Eagle may soar, but Weasels don't get sucked into jet engines.

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Posted : Dec 23, 2005 05:29

Birthday weekend?? We'll celebrate it in style.
See u soon....

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Posted : Dec 23, 2005 20:38

ahh yess.
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Dec 24, 2005 00:21
Greeting, the Wichdokta here from the Phoenix Family in S.F.. I'm looking for demo's of anyone who would like to get flown out here for gatherings. I'm trying to start an exchange program with us and the rest of the family's in NORTH AMERICA and pionts beyond. If you are interested in being flown out to Cali, send me an E-Mail at ""

MUBALI will crush your party, BOM
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jan 4, 2006 17:47
Mubali's dj set at dark forest was a highlight of texas parties for me, it was the first time I heard the Ocelot "skipping" track...what a great moment. Best of luck with the party! It'll be a good vibe no doubt.

Bodhi 13:20
Bodhisattva 13:20

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Posted : Jan 7, 2006 12:40
happy bday to my bro!
rip em up           info/tourdates/psy
3rd Album \\\"Equations\\\" on 2to6 records

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Posted : Jan 9, 2006 15:23
sounds like a great party....Mubali is the KING of the night...Happy B-day!
Can't wait!

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Posted : Jan 9, 2006 16:39
you guys are in for a treat, greg just left my house after being in town for a week. we wrote 2 tracks together and I also got to listen to the album post-mastered from Mr. Tim Schuldt himself.

mubali is going to own the dancefloor, wear some comfortable shoes and light clothing!           We are all family. We put the fun in disfunctional.
-PsyCircle on Tribe-
- Arahat -

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Posted : Jan 12, 2006 00:18
i hear of added outdoor sound provided by Dr. No of texaliens.
this is sure to be a blaster!

also, on thur. the 12th from 1-3am-ish central time mubali will be performing a live dj mix on a local radio station. for online streaming.

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Posted : Jan 14, 2006 05:50
so, less than 24hrs until this event pops off!
i'm look foreward to see'n all those isra faces again.

Whoo!           -----

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Posted : Jan 16, 2006 21:17
Absolutely killer party. Wonderful space, amazing music and a crowd full of people from many different scenes having a great time together. A perfect homecoming and conclusion to my 3-weekend party spree.

Excellent variety on the music, too. Very nice full-on earlier in the night, all-out devastation from Mubali for the deepest part and an excellently planned journey into sunrise from Sylph for our traditional chai-fuelled dancefloor rally. Those twisted breaks outside were sickness too. Shiva Shakti parties rock!
Trance Forum  Forum  North America - 01/14/06 Shiva Shakti presents: Transmogrification
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